Tuesday, August 12, 2014


August 2014
At times we spend a lot of energy avoiding getting fouled in lobster pots here in Maine.  When they are dense it takes two of us to stay on top of them, especially if it is foggy and they come up fast or if they have toggles and decisions have to be made on which ones are a pair.  (See here for an earlier post on toggle pots.) We've been unbelievable lucky considering we've spent 8 seasons sailing in the area.  We hear the dreaded thud and shudder every once in while, as the hull brushes the float, and there is an instant rush to get the engine in neutral.  I like to think that our speedy reaction has saved us from getting the lines wrapped around the prop, in truth it is probably pure luck.  Our luck ran out today.  I was on watch, in an area where pot density wasn't ridiculous.  I must of spaced out, there was a thud, shudder and significant drop in speed.  Not good.  Pablo messed around for a bit and reluctantly got in the 60 degree water with a knife.  It took a few tries but he successfully untangled the prop.  He was even able to tie off the pot so the lobster man wouldn't loose his pot.  I was more vigilant afterwards!

I find it next to impossible to capture the number of pots in a photo.
I think Mia did well with this one.

Trying to untangle a pot from the prop

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